The mission of the Windham School District is to provide appropriate educational programming and services to meet the needs of the eligible offender population in TDCJ and reduce recidivism by assisting offenders in becoming responsible, productive members of their communities.

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Windham School District Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees for Windham School District is a nine-member, non-paid board appointed by the governor for staggered, six-year terms. The board governs the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and Windham School District (WSD). The board develops and defines policies of the TDCJ and WSD.

WSD Trustees are seen at weekend graduation ceremonies in the prisons, visiting classrooms behind bars, speaking with teachers at staff development meetings, and educating state lawmakers about Windham programs. They personally encourage educators and students to reach their goals - and it's working!

The Board's energy, expertise, hard work and enthusiasm promote academic excellence and accountability for Windham schools throughout the state, making it possible to reduce recidivism and change countless lives.



     Board Adopted Policies
     Operating Procedures
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Scheduled Meetings
     Schedule and Order of Business
Strategic Plan (PDF)





NEW NEWS RELEASE - 2014 MEDIA HONOR ROLL includes J.T. Street/Fox News - (Austin) --J.T. Street of Fox 29 News was named to the 2014 Media Honor Roll, a program sponsored by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), and by the Windham School District (WSD) and its Board of Trustees. 

NEW HUNTSVILLE ITEM: TDCJ’s Windham School District: Safe, successful stories being told here now - Time heals all wounds, or so it’s been said. Some say time covers wounds with scar tissue. The pain lessens, but it’s never truly gone.

Literacy Highland Lakes Receives Criminal Justice Volunteer Award Literacy Highland Lakes received an award for volunteering its literacy services to female inmates at the Ellen Halbert Unit in Burnet during the Governor’s 2014 Criminal Justice Volunteer ceremony in Austin on April 17.

2nd Annual Felony and/or Misdemeanor-Friendly Community Career Fair (Dallas) - Event date: Friday August 29, 2014.

Literacy Highland Lakes Receives Governor's 2014 Criminal Justice Volunteer Award During ceremonies in Austin, Sally May of Granite Shoals accepted the Governor’s 2014 Criminal Justice Volunteer “Judy Burd – Windham School District” Award on behalf of Literacy Highland Lakes. For 27 years, this 501(c)(3) volunteer-based non-profit group has conducted GED classes at the Ellen Halbert Unit in Burnet, Texas.

Sour Lake Man Receives Governor's 2014 Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award Lloyd Michael Warren of Sour Lake, Texas was presented the Windham School District Employee Volunteer award during the Governor’s 2014 Criminal Justice Volunteer Service Award program today.

Brick masonry class builds up vocational skills  The Windham School District (WSD) Bricklaying/Stone Masonry class, held on the Allred Unit, teaches students both trade and life skills.

TDCJ's Windham School District gives inmates a shot at academic success  Offenders and their families feel a sense of accomplishment on graduation day.

26 inmates at Polunsky Unit in Livingston earn GEDs  Rep. James White encouraged Windham correctional educators, students, and family members of offenders to strive for success when he served as a commencement speaker inside the prison system.

Commissioner of Education speaks at Windham GED Ceremony  Texas Commissioner of Education Michael L. Williams congratulates a GED recipient during ceremonies honoring Moore Unit and Cole State Jail GED recipients. Commissioner Williams praised graduates for their accomplishments and thanked attending family members for support and encouragement.

Inside the wire: Two longtime educators now teaching GED classes to inmates at TDCJ’s Polunsky Unit  Inside the Texas Department of Criminal Justice's Polunsky Unit - past the rolls of barbed wire, past the security checkpoints, past the seemingly endless gates, one of which leads past Death Row – there's a door marked "Education." Inside the door is a classroom, one no different from any high school classroom save for the guards outside the door.

DOORS initiative offers hope to Dallas area ex-offenders - One of the most daunting challenges the newly-released ex-offender faces is the reentry process. Reentry requires the ex-offender to decide to do everything within his/ her power to transition from living a life in which all necessities are provided free to living a life where the basics must be procured by effort and resourcefulness.


Success Stories

Inspiration Success Story

Inspiration Success Story
I have been contacted by former offenders who read your story [in the Lufkin Daily News] and want to find out how to now get a GED.

GED Success Story

GED Success Story
My son received his GED through Windham School District.

Polunsky Unit Success Story

Polunsky Unit Success Story
Just wanted to say that I have been out now almost 2 years.

Welding Success Story

Welding Success Story
October of 2007 to July of 2008, I was in the GRAD program….

Data Contractor Success Story

Data Contractor Success Story
Due largely to the training I received from my teacher, I am able to be an independent data contractor for oil companies and others.

WSD Newsletter

WSD in Images

An offender at the Polunsky Unit prepares for graduation after earning his GED through the Windham School District.
Texas State Board of Education Chair Barbara Cargill congratulates GED recipients during Spring, 2014, ceremonies. “I am very impressed with the program and with the commitment of the staff and teachers,” she said.
WSD’s Business and Image Management & Multimedia (BIMM) class offers students the opportunity to learn viable graphic arts and computer skills, helping them prepare for jobs after release.
Female offenders in Gatesville, Texas, study to improve their literacy skills during a WSD academic class.
Auto specialization students in a West Texas prison learn auto maintenance skills, preparing themselves for future employment as professional mechanics.
Each day WSD correctional educators pass through prison gates across Texas to work with men and women incarcerated within TDCJ.
Students at the Huntsville “Walls” Unit strengthen writing skills during a literacy class.
Vocational and academic skills are integrated in Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs, such as this Small Engine Repair class in Huntsville, Texas.